Moberly Peak

elevation: 2,353 m. height gain: 1,260 m.
area: Golden,BC map 82 N/7

It is possible to ascend Moberly Peak a couple of ways; the most popular route follows the mining road on the west side and gains the south ridge. ***This access is gated and has a No Trespassing-Private Property sign; it's a working silica mine and access is prohibited, even on sundays.*** Another way exists using the north-east ridge leading to the summit block's eastern aspect.

North-east ridge: Drive on Golden Donald Upper Road, turn right on Barber Road then left on Oster Road. Park at the trailhead for Hospital Creek FSR, 033883; a restriction on motorized vehicles is in effect from may to end of august. Hike or bike the service road beyond two sets of switchbacks and pass by an overgrown side road; turn on the branch road that soon follows, about 5 kilometers, 051912. This short (1.4 km) deactivated road leads to a landing in a cutblock, 050918. Ascend the cutblock and bushwhack to Moberly's north-east ridge, following the ridge to the summit block. Traverse on the east face and ascend climber's left of the rocky gully on grassy terrain (see pictures), this shallow gully leads to the notch between the airy south ridge and the summit.

east side of moberly

Moberly Peak's east aspect from the short deactivated service road, the summit is right of the notch.

typical terrain

Ascending typical terrain to the north-east ridge.
Scramble: RT 9.5; 4.75 up. The weather was unstable pretty much everywhere in the mountains. We woke early to attempt a trip south of here, it was pouring rain. Not feeling enthusiastic about the long drive and hike in poor weather, I suggested we re-visit Moberly; this would allow the addition of a link with directions to the website. This peak was among the first peaks we ascended in Golden, way before the digital era; we live right by it! When we went the first time, we biked the gated mine road and ascended the south ridge to the airy connecting ridge. This time, we planned to access from the east face. We left from the house wearing rain gear. At the cutblock, we left the heavy gear behind and relied on a lighter version: a garbage bag. The shrubs were wet, gaiters came in handy as we headed through the clearing and bushwhacked to the north-east ridge. The mosquitoes were the worst so far this season and they ensured we kept moving. We followed a game trail on the ridge and eventually traversed onto the east face/gully of Moberly. Before engaging in the gully, the rain picked up again, really hard. We retreated under a big pine tree and waited for a while until the rain fizzled out. The upper mountain was engulfed in low cloud but we had a good idea where to go to gain the notch between the airy ridge and true summit. We traversed into the gully and made our way towards a grassy shallow gully climber's left of tougher rockier terrain. I was happy to see the notch ahead, this route grants a relatively easy access. From there, we scrambled over the highpoint to the wooden cross. The sun was now filtering through several cloud layers, it was neat. We went back to the notch for lunch and the drizzle started again. Fabrice traversed the airy ridge to take pictures of the memorial plaque we had seen on our first trip. He recognized the section of the ridge and looked for the plaque that isn't there any more... I waited at the notch as the rain intensified; although the scramble on the ridge is moderate, the wet lichen covered rock combined with exposure isn't compelling. When he returned, we finished lunch and started heading down. We got home early and surprised the doggies with a fun afternoon at home!
getting closer

Getting closer to the summit block.

traversing to the gully

Traversing to the east gully.

nice shelter

Leaving the tree that sheltered us from a heavy downpour.

scooting climber's left

Scooting climber's left to avoid the rocky gully.

grassy shalow gully

A shallow grassy gully easily leads to the notch.

reaching the notch

Reaching the notch engulfed in low clouds and drizzle.

summit ahead

The summit is in the center.

airy south ridge

This airy ridge grants a moderate traverse, a memorial plaque used to exist at the south end. 

short gully

A short gully on the west side leads to the top.

wooden cross

Walking to the wooden cross with beautiful cloud layers.

low clouds

The view south towards our home is obstructed by low clouds.

fab joins me

Fabrice joins me at the cross.

back over the highpoint

Walking back over the summit as the drizzle intensifies.

down the short gully

Down to the short gully and hopefully not the abyss on the left.

on the airy ridge

Fab undertakes the traverse of the airy ridge to take a picture of the memorial plaque which isn't there anymore.

heading back

Heading back.


Following the shallow gully and cairns we placed.

north-east ridge

Traversing to the north-east ridge.

dog cairn

Dogs are waiting at home!

looking back

Looking back at the route we took.

rain stops

The rain stops as we near the north-east ridge.

on the ridge

On the ridge we followed a game trail.

at the landing

A reasonable bushwhack delivers us to the landing.
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